BREATH The Flywheel of Life By Edwin J. Dingle (Ding Le Mei)

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The Science of Mentalphysics was founded by Edwin John Dingle, himself a true Mystic of the Great Wisdom. Raised in England and educated in publishing, he spent 21 years in the Orient, where he built a large publishing company with offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong. He became the leading economic and geographic authority on China. Details of his distinguished achievements are related in his books, “Across China on foot” and “Borderlands of Eternity.”

Always within him burned the constant desire for deeper wisdom and he studied all religions and mystic knowledge he found through teachers in the East. His travels led him to a Tibetan monastery, where he was privileged to study under a remarkable Tibetan teacher, a keeper of the Eternal Wisdom.

With the deep knowledge he acquired in years of arduous study, Rev. Dingle (given the Chinese name of Ding Le Mei) formulated the Science of Mentalphysics, which reveals the basic truths that underlie all great religions and philosophies of both the East and the West. Mentalphysics shows the unity between all great Spiritual Teachers and their ultimate harmony with Science. Through the spiritual rebirth of every individual lies the way to spiritual rebirth of every nation and positive peace throughout the world.

In this book, Ding Le Mei will teach you the secret breathwork techniques passed down through the ages from Master to student for thousands of years. Reset your entire endocrine system and learn to heal the root cause of dis-ease. Activate your creative superpowers and feel better in every way!

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