The Mystery of Your Breath by Reverend Edwin J. Dingle

“In this small volume, I can only briefly refer to this transcending truth. Breath is life-and beauty, and charm, and poise, and grace, and loveliness; as we breathe we think; as we think we are.

Through right breathing we place ourselves in harmony with the very force that propels the Universe.

Occultists in all ages and in all lands have always taught their disciples (usually in secret and by word of mouth) that there was to be found in the air a substance from which all life is derived. It is called Prana-the Absolute Energy, the Vital Force, the Essence, etc. We find in Christian philosophy, also, and in the teaching of the scriptures, that “God made man and breathed into him an immortal soul”- “breathed into his nostrils the Breath of Life.”

Life, then, is the one universal substance…and all things, from the atom to the sun, from the amoeba to man, are made of this substance and are sustained in all beauty and power in this substance. When we breathe, we are taking in this substance from a universal supply.

Learn the breathing exercises found in this book, practice them faithfully for a couple of weeks, do the other things that you are urged to do to improve your own physical and mental well-being…and you will bless the day that this little book came your way.

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Thank you for supporting the continuation of this important work passed down through the ages. Just as potent and powerful today as it was thousands of years ago in the monasteries of Tibet.

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