The Greatest Secret of All Time Ding Le Mei (Edwin J Dingle)

The Science of Mentalphysics is an ancient unique scientific Yoga system of Right Thinking, Breathing and Meditation, and Spiritual Understanding that renews your life and health! Thousands of years old, from the monasteries of Tibet, this system was developed to remove the root causes of illness and promote the Keys to Health, Success, and Transformation.

In this method of Yoga and Philosophy, it is maintained that spiritual functions are related to physiological functions of the ductless (endocrine) glands. The role of meditation is emphasized in realizing the spiritual nature of a person and uses transformational exercises involving breathing to support and nurture related physiological ability.

The Science of Mentalphysics YouTube channel brings you the Teachings of Ding Le Mei (Edwin J. Dingle), and other empowerment practices to create transformational awareness shifts of reality, and to assist each person into tapping into the Universal Mind to awaken their full potential.

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