The Science of Mentalphysics Initiate Group Course

Ancient Tibetan Breathwork and Spiritual Wisdom for Health and Wellness

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The Institute of Mentalphysics was founded in 1927 in New York City, New York, by Edwin John Dingle (1881-1972). An editor and explorer in early life, he was one of the few American metaphysical teachers to have actually studied in Tibet prior to 1927. Once in Tibet, Dingle described his meeting with a master who helped him recall his memory (i.e., of previous incarnations). He was taught proper breathing and the remaining disciplines, which became the basis of the Science of Mentalphysics.

In 1927, he gave a series of lectures in New York City. Some who attended asked that he share the wisdom he had learned in the East. That class is viewed as the beginning of the institute and of the new career of Ding Le Mei (Dingles’ religious name). The institute was incorporated in 1934, in California. Dingle combined the spiritual wisdom of the East with religious knowledge of the West to form a Super Yoga. The teachings of Mentalphysics combine universal truths, breathing exercises, diet control, recognizing and working with one’s individual chemistry, exercises, and meditation.

New students are introduced to the universal laws of the creator which, if followed, are believed to lead to mastery on oneself and all of life. A vegetarian diet is recommended. Proper breathing is a key; it is the means of extracting prana, the energy of life, from the air. The healthy body prepares one to develop mind and spirit toward one’s highest potential.

The Science of Mentalphysics teaches that prana or life energy, is substance, a subtle form of energy that animates life. It is universally distributed and is what the soul uses to think with.

Using the mind-substance, as activated through breathing, one is able to activate the creative powers within. Students are also instructed in meditation, which leads toward tapping universal wisdom and development as a mystic. As a mystic one understands truth, life, and one’s potential through experience.

The Science of Mentalphysics begins with the Initiate Group Course which consists of 26 basic lessons. There are 124 additional advanced lessons, and a Teachers or Preceptor Course which assist developed persons to share their knowledge and experience with seekers on all levels.

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